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Our Approach

Ayuda Aqui is your full-service Spanish language interpreter, translator and consultant.  We provide a professional and organized approach to your problem.  We have interpreted for over fifteen (15) years in almost every setting including court settings, legal settings, medical appointments, tax appointments, school appointments, in jail and in hospitals.

Our Story

Our founder is a native Spanish speaker with over fifteen years on experience interpreting in almost every context. We started the company to help native Spanish speakers solve their problems.  Our consulting team consists of legal, tax, billing, insurance, notary, and interpreting professionals who can solve just about any problem.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of interpretation, legal, tax, insurance, notary and other professionals who can interpret and solve just about any problem.



Founder & CEO

Cynthia is the founder and CEO of Ayuda Aqui.  Cynthia is a native Spanish speaker.  Her parents were born in Mexico.  Cynthia is our lead interpreter as well as a legal and insurance professional and notary.

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Vice President

David is a former lawyer and practiced law for over fifteen years.  David is an also insurance and planning professional.  David holds three college degrees and understands Spanish.  David can help with just about any problem.

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